“Say Our Names: Black Women of the Movement” Webinar Educates the Community on Black Liberation

Black women have always been a part of Black liberation. From leading ladies like Ida B. Wells, Ella Baker, and Tarana Burke, to Alicia Garza, Feminista Jones, and Bree Newsome, Black women have led the way to liberation. Why are their voices often missing from today’s Black Lives Matter Movement? On Thursday, June 11, RISE San Diego and its panel of Black women leaders shared information about prominent Black women leaders from the past while discussing why their voices have been overlooked in today’s effort.

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“Red, Black & Blues” Webinar Helps San Diego Bring Solidarity to Black Community

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis ignited widespread Black Lives Matter protests across the country and outrage around the world. As demonstrations against police brutality and white supremacy continue, RISE San Diego is hosting the “Red, Black and Blues” webinar to help the public understand the civil unrest, as well as offer solidarity to the Black community.

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A Guide to Overcoming Obstacles In Work And Life

Story By: Amway BRANDVOICE, Lifestyle
Published March 25, 2020

A difficult co-worker, poor health habits, a toxic work environment: All obstacles that can complicate an otherwise thriving personal and professional life. But with smart strategies, self-care, a strong support system and stress-relief tools, setbacks can also serve as springboards for learning and growth. See Forbes’ interview with RISE San Diego CEO Dwayne Crenshaw to learn more.

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