RISE San Diego & National City Chamber of Commerce Boost South San Diego Economy

The National City Chamber of Commerce and RISE San Diego are joining forces to launch the region’s first Business Empowerment Academy to help local business owners and entrepreneurs prepare for growth in 2020.

The Business Empowerment Academy will feature interactive training sessions on the topics of HR, talent acquisition and development, access to capital and more.

See Jacqueline Reynoso, CEO of the National City Chamber, and Tony Young, co-founder of RISE San Diego discuss the partnership on KUSI Good Morning San Diego. Watch the segment now. 

Photo credit: KUSI Good Morning San Diego, KUSI News

Partnership geared to helping local business

RISE San Diego in The Star-News

Story By Isabel Hughes
Published January 23, 2020

As multiple National City developments are underway, the National City Chamber of Commerce and RISE San Diego are partnering to launch a Business Empowerment

Academy with the goal of helping local business owners and entrepreneurs succeed amid economic growth.

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RISE San Diego Awards Luncheon

Story By Vincent Andrunas, Writer & Photojournalist
Published November 1, 2019

Longtime social activist Dwayne Crenshaw and former San Diego City Council president Tony Young met over coffee in 2014, during a controversy about zoning in Barrio Logan. They were once competitors for a City Council seat, but both now agreed that the neighborhood’s residents had been pushed aside while powerful interests were deciding what should happen to their community.

The two had the intelligence and foresight to see that there was a pressing need to empower people to make a difference in their own urban communities. They wanted to increase local leadership and civic engagement, and to demonstrate that all the toxicity and the hate and the talking down to people didn’t have to happen. They realized that if they could come together as former rivals, they could show the community that we can all be more civil while also doing better for the places we live.

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