How do we achieve success in our communities?

It starts with a challenge and ends with community dialogue to come up with a good result. Success isn’t a result of only one person’s doing – as the saying goes, it takes a village. The key to success lies in engaging everyone in our community. And even when we don’t all agree on the same way to go about doing something, a dialogue is a critical component to seeing it happen. When we work together, we succeed together.


The RISE Urban Breakfast Club is breakfast forum hosted by RISE for urban residents and community/nonprofit leaders to connect and network with each other as well as San Diego’s civic, business, and government leaders. Each forum features speakers and dialogue focused on community issues or taking a look at current issues from a community perspective. Learn more about our upcoming RISE Urban Breakfast Club forums and RSVP today.

RISE’s multi-faceted research, policy and education programs include: organizing town hall meetings; community listening and data collection; issuing reports and policy papers; and broadly disseminating information to the community via email and social media.

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