November 23, 2021


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RISE SAN DIEGO STATEMENT ON FERGUSON Issued by Co-Founders Tony Young and Dwayne Crenshaw

The no indictment decision in the shooting death of Michael Brown has stirred great emotion and diverse reactions over the past two days. Beyond denouncing violence and destruction, we don’t presuppose how anyone should respond, think or feel during these challenging times. However, from listening to the community dialogue around our recent October 17th RISE Urban Breakfast Club “Post Ferguson San Diego Dialogue,” we do believe our community should proactively respond and move forward in two ways where we heard consensus emerge:

  1. Embrace and ensure timely implementation of efforts to equip with body cameras all law enforcement personnel, throughout San Diego County, that work in our neighborhoods, provide security for our transportation system and patrol the Port of San Diego and our border region.
  2. Intentionally create opportunities for honest and civil dialogue around police –community relations and the civil rights issues of our day with an eye toward building understanding and consensus.

RISE is dedicated to fostering urban leadership and civic engagement. We call for peaceful dialogue and deliberate, sustained action to address the negative underlying issues that can cause urban despair and violence.