RISE Consult

RISE Consult brings diversity, equity and inclusion into the fold in order to solve the complex challenges organizations face.

Program Overview

RISE Consult takes a comprehensive approach to organizational and leadership development from an adaptive leadership perspective whereby novel innovations around diversity, equity and inclusion are brought to work. We help translate theory into action and invite deep inquiry into challenging problems. We take seriously the complexities that organizations face and foster inclusive action that is grounded in racial equity and social justice.

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Lunch & Learns 
Half-day Workshops
Full-day retreats
Three-day Retreats
Coaching and Organizational Consulting

Emotional Intelligence

Implicit Bias


Listening to Learn

Inclusive Leadership

Racial Inquiry

Differences Dialogue

Identity Matrix

Equity Exploration

Cultural Competence

The RISE Familia

RISE helped me to be transparent in my process. It was really coming in and doing the real work that I believe that we as leaders have to do if we are going to succeed and lead others.

Monica Montgomery
San Diego Council Member District 4
RISE Fellow ‘17

RISE urban leadership program played a significant role in my leadership development. So much of the deep grounding and self-work helped me to work through conflict and show up as my authentic self while doing so. During the past two years of the pandemic, I have helped create spaces of healing and conversation.

Taryell Simmons
HR Services Manager, Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion SD
RISE Fellow ‘17

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