RISE San Diego offers a series of free trainings for staff, board members, and volunteers from nonprofits and small minority-owned businesses located throughout San Diego County who are interested in building their organizational capacity to more effectively carry out their mission and ensure the sustainability of their organizations. Our diverse team of experienced and highly-knowledgeable training facilitators provides participants with information and resources in an interactive, online setting on a variety of topics important to organizational success.

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INFO SESSION: TUE, APRIL 27, 2021 (5:30 - 6:15 PM)

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Grace is a higher education professional and leadership expert who serves as assistant dean of student affairs at Revelle College at the University of San Diego (UCSD). She has worked with UCSD... 

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Extension to provide leadership development training to high school and college students as well as community organizations around the greater San Diego community.

She was one of three co-founders of Social Kitchen, a 2016 University of San Diego (USD) Social Innovation Challenge winner. She has worked in areas such as student activities, student governance, test prep, design thinking, strategic planning, and organizational consulting.

Grace has served on regional and national boards and committees through NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education and co-authored two chapters on social media and professional networking in the NASPA monograph Beginning Your Journey. She also serves as a NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program (NUFP) mentor and currently chairs the NUFP program at UCSD.

After earning her BA in psychology with a minor in family studies and a master’s in educational administration with an emphasis in higher education from the University of Missouri – Kansas City, Grace completed her PhD in leadership studies at USD with her dissertation on “Career decision-making of higher education professionals of Philippine descent: The untold stories of an Asian Pacific Islander community”.


Dotti is the director of the Student Health Clinic at San Diego City College, which serves an urban, diverse group of students in downtown San Diego, and an adjunct... 

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clinical nursing professor at the University of San Diego.

Her interests lie in the social determinants of health and resulting inherent health disparities in BIPOC communities. The current COVID pandemic of paramount interest from both a virologic and epidemiological perspective as it intersects with the disproportionate impact upon communities of color as well as how it intersects with the epidemic of opioid abuse in the US. 

Dotti has a BS from UC Irvine in biological sciences, attended UCLA to attain her BS in nursing and Master of Public Health in Epidemiology, and received her doctorate in education from the University of Southern California.


Ericka is no stranger to adversity. Born into a large family in inner-city Los Angeles, she saw first-hand how damaging limiting beliefs and dysfunctional life patterns can be. As a young single mother, she faced...

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numerous hardships that were amplified by the fixed mindsets of her peers and values incongruent to her aspirations.

However, Ericka knew she didn’t have to settle for the vision other people had for her life. She searched out her own meaning, began transforming her own beliefs, and challenged the way she thought about obstacles so she would have the mindset and tools needed to overcome them.

Ericka graduated college and went on to earn a master’s degree in education from CSU Northridge and a doctorate in higher education from Azusa Pacific University. She founded Launching Legacies in 2015 to help others discover potential in their own lives and help them work towards creating meaningful and attainable legacies.


Zachary is a professor of practice in leadership studies and a director at the University of San Diego Nonprofit Institute. He is also the founding designer and inaugural lead faculty of the RISE Urban...

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Leadership Fellows Program.

His career as an organizational consultant began with projects through the Wharton Center for Applied Research. His more than three decades of practice have included multinational corporations, local and federal government agencies, major university departments, diverse religious institutions, and internationally-recognized nonprofit organizations. He was an internal leadership coach for the World Bank for nearly two decades, co-founding IMAGO Global Grassroots with former World Bank senior executives. Major projects have included facilitating the development of the innovative Buddha Fellows and Aspirational District Fellows Programs and conducting advanced training for the SEWA Management School team, each in India. Zachary has also lead efforts as contrasting as facilitating the convening of the National Policy Roundtable of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force while concurrently conducting a decade of psychology of decision making training for the intelligence community. Other career highlights include serving on the dialogue development team for the President’s Commission on Race, conducting leadership and group relations training on five continents, founding the Student Group on Race Relations, and leading a multi-year process for emerging leaders of Northern Ireland in advance of the Good Friday Peace Accord.

Zachary and his husband René Molenkamp, a prominent international leadership scholar and practitioner, successfully challenged a law to gain recognition of their international same-sex adoption in the Netherlands and were in the first wave of same-sex parents to be granted co-parent birth certificates for their children in Washington, DC. They are the authors of numerous scholarly articles and popular essays; among the most prominent is “Boundary, Authority, Role and Task: The BART System of Organizational Analysis.” Zachary and René recently founded the Group Relations International Institute to further their coaching and consultation practices as well as deepen their generative study of conscious and unconscious behavior in human ecosystems.

Trained as a clinical and community psychologist, Zachary earned both a masters and a doctorate from Boston University. He went on to complete advanced clinical training in psychology at Cambridge Hospital/Harvard Medical School and Georgetown University.


Natache has worked for thirty years managing nonprofits with budgets from $100,000 to $20 million to have maximum community impact. As CEO of the Prep Institute, she partners with RISE San Diego...

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to educate nonprofit and for-profit organizations on how to design and launch solution-driven business development practices.

Natache holds a BA in management from Columbia Union College and an MS in nonprofit management from Eastern University.


Veronica has an extensive background in behavioral sciences and over 25 years of leadership experience in community programs related to health and human services, community engagement...

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and change efforts, children’s services, and workforce development.

She has served as a trainer for community organizations and as a professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences at San Diego City College where she established certificate programs to address the demand for a diverse workforce in the Health and Human Services fields. More recently, she has served as a consultant for the Student Health Center at San Francisco City College.

Veronica received a PhD in clinical psychology with an emphasis in developmental psychology from UCLA. She has been a practicing clinical psychologist serving children, adolescents, and families and held a position as a clinical professor in pediatrics at the Medical School of UC San Diego. She has served on numerous state and local coalitions, commissions, and boards of directors that serve children, youth, and families. This commitment to community service and leadership lead to receiving an Executive Certificate in Public Leadership from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

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